The Speed of Dreams
The Speed of Dreams
Selected Writings 2001-2007
With Canek Pena-Vargas, Greg Ruggiero

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New Politics
"ABSURD! Thus the man known around the world as Subcomandante Marcos, soldier, revolutionary, poet, philosopher, and spokesman for the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN), describes the political situations that exist in the world today. It is absurd that he lives in a country that has produced the world's most wealthy individual but in which over 40 percent of the population lives in dire poverty. . . Marcos' book, The Speed of Dreams, is a collection of translated writings arranged in more or less chronological order by the editors. They include presentations that Marcos made at forums and during marches throughout Mexico and delightful philosophical musings that Marcos attributes to devils, children, and a hardshelled Lacandón beetle named Durito who rides a skateboard and calls the Sup 'used-underwear face.'" —Robert Joe Stout

Book News Inc.
"This volume collects writings by Mexican Zapatista insurgent Subcomandante Marcos made public following the publication of Our Word Is Our Weapon in 2001. Among the 40 writings collected are 'literary' allegorical, philosophical, and poetic texts, as well as shorter examples of historical or logistical communiqués that the editors feel 'reflect the poetics of praxis.'"