Geek Love
Geek Love
A Novel
Katherine Dunn

For people who enjoy people who are different and strange and wonderful and writing that is too. –Recommended by Maia, City Lights Books

This book isn't about geeks in the modern sense, meaning slightly shy nerds. Oh no. This is a novel about geeks in the traditional sense, meaning circus performers who make their living biting the heads off chickens. The titular geeks are a married couple who parent a growing brood of freaks, created with pharmaceutical help. Things quickly get out of hand. A friend said to me once, "never read Geek Love. It's so messed up you'll never be able to sleep again." That sounds to me like the best reason to read a book. Sweet dreams, folks.
–Recommended by Suzanne, City Lights Books

A wild, often horrifying, novel about freaks, geeks and other aberrancies of the human condition who travel together (a whole family of them) as a circus. It's a solipsistic funhouse world that makes "normal" people seem bland and pitiful. Arturo the Aqua-Boy, who has flippers and an enormous need to be loved. A museum of sacred monsters that didn't make it. An endearing "little beetle" of a heroine. Sort of like Tod Browning's Freaks crossed with David Lynch and John Irving and perhaps George Eliot -- the latter for the power of the emotions evoked.

Title Geek Love
Subtitle A Novel
Author Katherine Dunn
Publisher Vintage
Title First Published 11 June 2002
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 368 p.
ISBN-10 0375713344
ISBN-13 9780375713347
Publication Date 11 June 2002
Main content page count 368
Weight 16 oz.

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