ReTargeting Iran
ReTargeting Iran
With Ervand Abrahamian, Noam Chomsky, Nader Hashemi, Azadeh Moaveni, Trita Parsi

"Is Iran as Bad an Actor as America Says It Is?"
Mar 8, 2021

David Barsamian inteviewd on America Trends podcast with Larry Rifkin about ReTargeting Iran.

Review in Against the Current
Mar 8, 2021

"This highly readable collection will illuminate how the malignant U.S-Iran conflict emerged, but also what needs to be done to break the logjam."—David Finkel

"Virtual Book Talk: ReTargeting Iran"
Oct 16, 2020

ReTargeting Iran contributors David Barsamian, Trita Parsi, and Nader Hashemi discuss the book in a virtual book talk presented by the Institute for Policy Studies. Discussion moderated by Phyllis Bennis. 

- Institute for Policy Studies

David Barsamian Interviewed on Free City Radio
Dec 29, 2020

David Barsamian interviewed about ReTargeting Iran on the Free City Radio podcast. Interview starts at minute 28. 

David Barsamian interviewed on Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Oct 10, 2020

"When the US Became a Rogue State in the Middle East"
Oct 5, 2020

An excerpt from ReTargeting Iran published in Literary Hub.

Review in Kirkus Reviews
Jul 14, 2020

"In a Q&A format about the continued demonization of Iran by the U.S., [David] Barsamian gets at the key to the deterioration of the relationship between the two nations. . . . [T]he discussion is astute and relevant."