Blackshirts and Reds
Blackshirts and Reds
Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism

Blackshirts & Reds explores some of the big issues of our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy, and ecology- terms often bandied about but seldom explored in the original and exciting way that has become Michael Parenti's trademark.

Parenti shows how "rational fascism" renders service to capitalism, how corporate power undermines democracy, and how revolutions are a mass empowerment against the forces of exploitative privilege. He also maps out the external and internal forces that destroyed communism, and the disastrous impact of the "free-market" victory on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He affirms the relevance of taboo ideologies like Marxism, demonstrating the importance of class analysis in understanding political realities and dealing with ongoing collision between ecology and global corporatism.

Written with lucid and compelling style, this book goes beyond truncated modes of thought, inviting us to entertain iconoclastic views, and to ask why things are as they are. It is a bold and entertaining exploration of the epic struggles of yesterday and today.

"A penetrating and persuasive writer with an astonishing array of documentation to implement his attacks." –The Catholic Journalist

Title Blackshirts and Reds
Subtitle Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism
Publisher City Lights Publishers
Title First Published 01 June 1997
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 165 p.
ISBN-10 0872863301
ISBN-13 9780872863309
Publication Date 01 June 1997
Main content page count 165
Weight 32 oz.
List Price $12.95

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Blackshirts and Reds
Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism
Michael Parenti
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