Jumping Over Fire

Jumping Over Fire

“Rachlin illuminates the private and public consequences of the Islamic revolution in her latest novel of 20th-century Iranian life . . . she delivers a complex portrait of a divided Iran.” - Publishers Weekly

"Jumping Over Fire is a political novel with a strong dose of Wuthering Heights blended into it . . . potent subject matter . . ." - The Seattle Times

"Complexities of Iranian culture, recent history, and current events create a vivid background for a moving and suspenseful story. . . . wise and timely novel." - School Library Journal

"As always, Nahid's writing keeps you on the end of your seat and is filled with emotion. . . . The story unfolds with surprise. What makes the book even more meaningful is that it is about a family of meager wealth rather than very affluent. It is a family, however, with complications that arise from their new homeland. Do they survive? That is for you to find out." - Persian Heritage Magazine

"Besides being 'page-turners', Rachlin's novels render, in abundance, the beauty and sensuousness of Persian culture." - New Letters

“Nahid Rachlin is one of the few Iranian women to have written and published works in English in the United States before the Iranian Revolution.  To date, she is also the most prolific and published Iranian American writer.  …[Rachlin] explore[s] the consequences and traumas of exile and how each member of this Iranian family reacts and copes with it.”
—Aména Moïnfar

“If, as Aristotle reminds us, we are our desire, then who are we if the object of our desire is forbidden? What becomes of us if we are born in one world yet long for another? These are just two of the complex and difficult questions Nahid Rachlin explores and ultimately illuminates in this brave, engrossing, and timely novel. I recommend it highly!” - Andre Dubus III, author of House of Sand and Fog

"This poignant, beautifully told story of an Iranian-American family is both a great read and a fine introduction to a land and a culture about which it is imperative we Americans inform ourselves as much and as quickly as possible." - Sigrid Nunez, author of The Last of Her Kind and For Rouenna, among other titles

“Jumping Over Fire is a wise and passionate novel about the vast cultural divide, and how it can lead to divided hearts.” - Hilma Wolitzer, author of Hearts, Tunnel of Love, and The Company of Writers

“An exploration of cultures and cultural differences; of taboos real and imagined; of belonging and isolation — informative, fascinating, beautifully written and, perhaps most important of all – fun to read!” - Tama Janowitz, author of Peyton Amberg: A Novel, and The Slaves of New York

"In the spareness and clarity of her prose, sensuous as well as gritty evocation of everyday sights and smells, and dialogue that conveys the natural tones and rhythms of the Persian idiom, Rachlin dramatizes the contradictions of a nation caught up in a devastating whirl of social, political, and cultural transition of the last few decades, particularly in the lives of women. . . Jumping over Fire presents the sort of nuanced voice which must be heard if Iranians and Americans are ever to understand one another." - Carolyne Wright, author of Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire (Blue Lynx Prize, American Book Award)

"Nahid Rachlin's narrative weaves Iran's recent tumultuous history with more universal human experiences to create a powerful story of love, politics, and migration. Jumping over Fire is an important addition to the emerging canon of Iranian-American literature and one that reminds us of the complex psychological and political negotiations that have dominated the lives of Iranians and Iranian- Americans in the twentieth century." - Persis M. Karim, editor, Let Me Tell You Where I've Been: New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora