The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry
The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry

From the Beat poetry of the '50s to the spoken word of today, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry brings readers the words, visions, and extravagant lives of bohemians, beatniks, hippies, punks, and slackers. Like Donald Allen's epochal New American Poetry, The Outlaw Bible will serve as a primer for generational revolt and poetic expression, and is an enduring document of the visionary tradition of authenticity and nonconformity in literature. This exuberant manifesto includes lives of the poets, on-the-scene testimony, seminal underground articles never before collected, photographs of clubs and cafes, interviews, and, above all, the poems.

Title The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry
Publisher Thunder's Mouth Press
Title First Published 15 November 1999
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 720 p.
ISBN-10 1560252278
ISBN-13 9781560252276
Publication Date 15 November 1999
Main content page count 720
Weight 16 oz.

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