Who's to Say What's Obscene?

Who's to Say What's Obscene?
Politics, Culture and Comedy in America Today
Introduction by Arianna Huffington

Reader comment | Jan 4, 2010, Sheila
Best book since his last one. I loved it and have given it to several friends all were so happy to read Paul's thoughts. Bright, funny, sharp and a must. Tell all your friends. well done Paul well done City lights what a duet! Good wishes to this duet.
Reader comment | Jan 1, 2010, Quarnstrom Lee
Many of us who are of a certain age and possess a certain clear-eyed, skeptical view of things such as politics and politicians, sex and prudery, drugs and prohibition, etc., can trace our leery (and Leary) outlooks on life back to The Realist -- the eye-opening journal of political satire published by counter-culture hero Paul Krassner, the John Peter Zenger of what came to be called "underground: or "native" journalism. I was lucky enough to begin reading The Realist in the late 1950s or...more
Reader comment | Jan 1, 2010, Jayne Lyn Stahl
Groucho Marx was right, back in 1971, when he predicted that "in time Paul Krassner will wind up as the only live Lenny Bruce." An indefatigable spirit, with a penetrating wit, and his shoulder to the wheel, Krassner remains witness and scribe of the foibles of these times. If one were to be granted immortality based on vision, Paul Krassner would be first in line.
Reader comment | Jan 1, 2010, Dylan Brody
This book is absolutely wonderful. One of the greatest satirists and social commentators of the 20th century steps into the 21st with guns still blazing and wit still sharp. This was easily my favorite nonfiction read of 2009.
Reader comment | Jan 1, 2010, Mark
Magnificent book!!! Must-read for anyone who cares about the First Amendment.
Reader comment | Nov 7, 2008, rosebudz
So happy to see City Lights and Paul Krassner together with Wavy Gravy as a weird kinda icing spilling out over...well, you know