The Portable Beat Reader
The Portable Beat Reader

Edited by Ann Charters

The Portable Beat Reader is an excellent and thorough study of the Beat Generation, compiled and edited by Ann Charters, biographer of Jack Kerouac and one of our most notable experts on Beat literature and ideas. This lively work of scholarship goes deeply into the history of the Beat movement, investigating events such as the discovery (by writer William Burroughs) of the word beat to describe this literary generation. The reader includes essays on all the major prose and poetry writers, such as Allen Ginsberg, and offers rare insight into the literary-historical context of the movement.

Title The Portable Beat Reader
Edited by Ann Charters
Publisher Penguin Classics
Title First Published 29 July 2003
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 688 p.
ISBN-10 0142437530
ISBN-13 9780142437537
Publication Date 29 July 2003
Main content page count 688
Weight 16 oz.

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