Redefining Black Power

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Redefining Black Power
Reflections on the State of Black America

Edited by Joanne Griffith

Joanne Griffith Q&A

Read the Q&A with Joanne Griffith, editor of Redefining Black Power.
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Annotated Table of Contents

Take a look at the annotated table of contents for Joanne Griffith's new work.
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Joanne Griffith at Marcus Books in Oakland, CA

Joanne Griffith and guests Hodari Davis, National Program Director for Youth Speaks and Dereca Blackmon, social justice activist and founder of Aya Solutions discuss "Activism in the Age of Obama" with the Oakland community.

Foreword and Chapter One of Redefining Black Power

Editor Joanne Griffith interviews activists and thought-leaders on the state of Black America in the age of Obama
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